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So, it seems that Penny  Junor has a new book out about Prince William. Part of it is about what an awful mother Diana was.

What, she couldn’t write a book about William without including yet another rehash of Diana The Bad? How many times does she have to pick Diana’s bones clean?

I’d like to see the document or the interview when Diana stated she was a perfect mother. Would someone show it to me? Just post the link and I’ll take it from there.

The truth is that neither Charles nor Diana ever swore they were perfect parents. No one is. They were in there trying just like all the rest of us. They made mistakes. They didn’t always get it right. One only has to take a look at their sons, though, to understand that they got it more right than wrong. Princes William and Harry have grown up to be responsible, caring adults who handle the burdens of fame and heritage with aplomb and grace.

Junor also took the opportunity to rehash Diana’s struggle with bulimia and the psychological toll it took on both her and her family. Did I miss the part where Charles was oh so mentally sound? Of course I didn’t. They were both screwy in certain ways. Kinda like everyone else on the planet.

Junor claims that Diana “did not know how to be a good mother”. That’s pretty low, even for Junor. Low like pond scum. Parenting doesn’t come with a guidebook.

Junor includes the information that Diana used the media against Charles and the very public War of the Waleses affected the boys negatively. Well, hey, it takes two sides to make a war, and Charles wasn’t innocent in that respect, either. For that matter, in the Panorama interview, Diana said she took “50%” of the responsibility for the failure of her marriage. In the Dimbleby book, Charles blamed it all on Diana. Since her death, he’s never once emerged to defend her memory as the mother of his sons. Such a prince.

But the truth is larger than the nitpicky details of who said what and when. Two parents who clearly loved their sons, whatever their marital and mental issues. Two parents who did the best they could with what they had. Two sons any parent could be proud of.

Diana has been gone for fifteen years. Her sons remember her as a loving, devoted mother. By any measure, theirs must be considered the truest recollection.

What else matters? Give it a rest, Penny.

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